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Kirika, Together

A beautiful act of a Dutch yoga teacher who worked as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece and who started teaching yoga to female refugees, said that women had a smile again on their face or felt a bit safer in their own body after the lesson. This has inspired me to develop an international project in which Hatha yoga lessons are being offered to people who are socially vulnerable, but who have similar qualities and potentials as anyone else.

As a person and through my teachings of Hatha yoga, I have learnt and seen which potential there is to (re)connect to the incredible possibilities of one’s breath, let alone practice meditation, which can stimulate other levels of energy and consciousness with the main aim to explore the unknown and to stop fluctuations in the mind to reduce suffering; your own created suffering, your suffering as a result of traumas or collective suffering for instance. It is important to stimulate the positive aspects of life instead of (allowing yourself) being pulled towards negative impacts of difficult situations and experiences. It is to stimulate looking at that 1% of positivity that is at least there in no matter what difficult situations. If you learn to observe yourself neutrally within any situation, you create a window of acceptance, knowledge and change. It is important to remind people of their own core and qualities and how they can stimulate energy and light from the inside as well as to arrive to an understanding that the mean purpose of life cannot be suffering. 

The project is aimed at

  • People impacted mentally and/or physically by the pandemic as well as first line health workers

  • People who struggle mentally, socially and/or economically and who have been included within an organisations for support. People to consider are refugees, people suffering from depression, abused people, homeless persons, victims of human trafficking etc. 

  • Adolescents who have undergone a difficult time during the pandemic and who have been experiencing mental difficulties. There is an increase in self-harming.

  • Political influencers / politicians. Change starts individually but also at political level. 

Conversations with different organisations in Europe have started.

If you are an organisation that works with the above described target groups and you are interested to become part of this project, please contact me.

This project needs funding. Please get in touch if you/ your company is interested in funding this project

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