"Yoga is a way of life and teaches to better apprehend our ecological interconnectedness. In all our interactions there should be awareness; between everything and everyone and vice versa."

Kirika, Together

A beautiful act of a Dutch yoga teacher who worked as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece and who started teaching yoga to female refugees, said that women had a smile again on their face or felt a bit safer in their own body after the lesson. This has inspired me to develop an international project in which Hatha yoga lessons are being offered to people who are socially vulnerable, but who have similar qualities and potentials as anyone else.

YOGA TAKES GUTS - 4 day connection to light your (digestive) fire

4th - 7th of June 2021

Together with Sarah from the Slow Mundane, I will teach yoga lessons during a four-day inspirational experience during which we combine gut health expertise and Hatha yoga.

For more information and registration go to:

InMind Yoga Forest – Canyon Park Bagni di Lucca (Italy)

Inmind is a brand of NatWork (ASD) and was born in 2019. It is an Amateur Sports Association (ASD) which aims to revitalize and enhance natural environments abandoned and not economically attractive.

Adults and children have the opportunity to rediscover the deep and inseparable bond that unites them to nature through the introduction of concepts and content with zero impact by physical activities and awareness carried out in the natural environment.

Kirika, Together has become part of Inmind.

Also, Inmind and Fitners have started to work together and from end of April onwards I will be teaching two lessons for women during their menstruation and the Moon Salutation at the evening of full moon or in the morning after.

Lunar Sister Collective

Lunar Sister Collective is an online magazine, mainly aimed at women, that focuses upon the cyclical nature of living - from the phases of the moon and the seasons to menstrual cycle awareness. Topics that are covered online are health, natural remedies, yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, environment and recipes.

I have started providing editorial support.