"Yoga is a way of life and teaches to better apprehend our ecological interconnectedness. In all our interactions there should be awareness; between everything and everyone and vice versa."

Kirika, Together

A beautiful act of a Dutch yoga teacher who worked as a volunteer at a refugee camp in Greece and who started teaching yoga to female refugees, said that women had a smile again on their face or felt a bit safer in their own body after the lesson. This has inspired me to develop an international project in which Hatha yoga lessons are being offered to people who are socially vulnerable, but who have similar qualities and potentials as anyone else.

Gut health, Ayurveda and Yoga

Together with Sarah from the Slow Mundane and Dipti from Thankfully Healthy, I will teach a yoga lessons during our workshop that will take place in March. Stay tuned for more information.

VGO Associates

VGO Associates is an international group of people working on bespoke projects in a dialogue between art, architecture and design. A global gallery specialised in holistic interiors and spiritual practices. 

On VGOracle you can book a Tantric Meditation session with me. The charts that VGOracle offers will allow you to open up. The consultations are made to reconnect you with your whole self beyond the chart. It's meant for you to start to feel and sense that there is a bigger story unfolding in your life, one that can be mapped and worked with consciously.

Lunar Sister Collective

Lunar Sister Collective is an online magazine, mainly aimed at women, that focuses upon the cyclical nature of living - from the phases of the moon and the seasons to menstrual cycle awareness. Topics that are covered online are health, natural remedies, yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, environment and recipes.

I have started providing editorial support.