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"Yoga is a way of life and teaches to better apprehend our ecological interconnectedness. In all our interactions there should be awareness; between everything and everyone and vice versa."

CYCLICAL LIVING: Yoga & Infradian Rhythm

Women's health has started to climb the ladder with more attention to for instance the hormonal system. As nature shows us, there are different cycles like the moon cycle and the seasons. And in women a natural cycle occurs too: the Infradian rhythm. 


EMbody-mind - 6-week group program

Katrina from KapaCoaching is an educator and career development coach specialised in emotional health. Together we have organised a program in which you will learn the foundations of how emotions are wired through your body and mind and how they affect your over-all well-being, the way you communicate and motivation (or lack of it).

You are going to learn how to (better) tune into your body's responses to emotional triggers and environmental stimuli. And you will develop a new relationship with your breath as you will experience and understand what small changes to your breathing patterns can produce within.

RETREAT in Umbria, Italy / 12-16th July 2023:
From disconnection to connection: Unleash your potential and glow from within.

Haven’t found your retreat for this summer yet? Do you also feel the need to reconnect to yourself?

Are you curious to explore traditional Hatha yoga and connect with your body, breath, and higher self?

This retreat is for you if you love a small group, easy and uncomplicated rules, and a very comforting and simple being together. With Karma Yoga, we will hold the place clean and cook lunch together. Breakfast and dinner are cooked for you. The teachings are in English.

Retreat Highlights:

· Energize with morning Hatha yoga and breath-work

· Explore yourself from the inside and discover other levels of energy and clarity

· Rejuvenate amidst nature and Italian hospitality.

· Learn how to deal with pressure and anxiety in connection to both your micro-and macro environment.

· Create a sense of community, warmth and belonging.

· Renew by the tranquil lake.

· Vegetarian food from local and traditional Umbrian cuisine.


What's included:

· 5 days/4 nights’ accommodation.

· All yoga, breath-work and meditation sessions with Chaja.

· Nourishing brunch and delicious dinner every day with the emphasis on organic and local.

· Pre and post retreat support from Chaja.


VGO Associates

VGO Associates is an international group of people working on bespoke projects in a dialogue between art, architecture and design. A global gallery specialised in holistic interiors and spiritual practices. 

On VGOracle you can book a Tantric Meditation session with me. The charts that VGOracle offers will allow you to open up. The consultations are made to reconnect you with your whole self beyond the chart. It's meant for you to start to feel and sense that there is a bigger story unfolding in your life, one that can be mapped and worked with consciously.

Lunar Sister Collective

Lunar Sister Collective is an online magazine, mainly aimed at women, that focuses upon the cyclical nature of living - from the phases of the moon and the seasons to menstrual cycle awareness. Topics that are covered online are health, natural remedies, yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, environment and recipes.

I have provided editorial support.

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