"Live a life coherently, with integrity and in full consciousness."

Discover Yoga Saraswati® through lessons perfectly adapted to the level and needs of every individual.

During the lessons you will be challenged and encouraged to see your limitations, to stimulate your inner observations, acceptance, growth and transformation. You will see and understand what you have to reconsider: attachments, beliefs, negativity and knowledge. You will develop a deeper sensibility to see what you have not seen before. This together with the qualities of abhyassa and vairagya can stimulate an elaborative and disciplined work without an end point, but with neutral observation, awareness and detachment to integrate positive changes in your daily life.

Classes are taught in English, French and Dutch (mother tongue) and hopefully soon in Italian as I live in the beautiful hills of Tuscany, Italy. Suggestions for new or additional class times are always welcomed.


Attend group lessons in-person at the Kirika Yoga Studio or online via Zoom. Contact Chaja on WhatsApp at +39 338 271 3728 or by email to book a class.

Monday [09.00 - 10.30]

Wednesday [17.30 - 19.00]

Thursday [09.00 - 10.30]


 Always check Fitners website because days and times can be subject to change.

Monday [12.00 - 12.30] Hatha Yoga Pause du déjeuner, Français

Monday [12.45 - 13.15] Hatha Yoga Lunch Break, English

Monday [20.15 - 21:00] Yoga Nidra, English

Wednesday [06.00 - 06.50] Start your day differently! English

Wednesday [20.30 - 21:15] Yoga Nidra, Français

Friday [06.00 - 06.50] Commencez ta journée différente! Français 


You are more than welcome to contact me to set up private lessons. There is also the possibility for group or individual lessons for students, minimum age 12, or corporations. Contact Chaja here. 


With regard to the lessons taught in the studio and via Zoom, the following rates apply (no distinction between online & studio)

5x                 € 75, 2 months valid

10x               € 140, 4 months valid

Trial             € 5

Drop-in        € 17

In general and as always, if you encounter particular (financial) difficulties, please talk to me so that we can find an appropriate solution.

Payments have to be made by bank transfer at the latest before the second lesson on your new card. Cancellations made within 4 hours before start of the lesson will be charged (unless it is due to sudden COVID-19 restrictions).