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"Live a life coherently, with integrity and in full consciousness."

Discover Yoga Saraswati® through lessons perfectly adapted to the level and needs of every individual.

During the lessons you will be challenged and encouraged to see your limitations, to stimulate your inner observations, acceptance, growth and transformation. You will see and understand what you have to reconsider: attachments, beliefs, negativity and knowledge. You will develop a deeper sensibility to see what you have not seen before. This together with the qualities of abhyassa and vairagya can stimulate an elaborative and disciplined work without an end point, but with neutral observation, awareness and detachment to integrate positive changes in your daily life.

Classes are taught in English, French and Dutch (mother tongue) and hopefully soon in Italian as I live in the beautiful hills of Tuscany, Italy. Suggestions for new or additional class times are always welcomed.


Attend group lessons in-person at the Kirika Yoga Studio or online via Zoom. Contact Chaja on WhatsApp at +39 338 271 3728 or by email to book a class.

Monday [20.00 - 21.00] Hatha Yoga & [21.00 - 21.30] Meditation

Tuesday [17.30 - 19.00] Hatha Yoga 

Wednesday [06.00 - 07.00] Hatha Yoga  

Friday [06.00 - 07.00] Yoga Nidra


You are more than welcome to contact me to set up private lessons either in person or via Zoom.

There is also the possibility for group or individual lessons for students, minimum age 12, or corporations.

Contact Chaja here. 


With regard to the lessons taught in the studio and via Zoom, the following rates apply (no distinction between online & studio)
X5 class card 1hr                       €62,50          2 months valid
X10 class card 1hr                     €125              4 months valid
X5 class card 1,5hr                    €77,50           2 months valid
X10 class card 1,5hr                   €150             4 months valid
Drop-in                                     €12,50
Trial lesson                                €5
Private lessons on request


In general and as always, if you encounter particular (financial) difficulties, please talk to me so that we can find an appropriate solution.

Payments have to be made by bank transfer at the latest before the second lesson on your new card. Cancellations made within 4 hours before start of the lesson (studio or Zoom) will be charged (unless it is due to sudden COVID-19 restrictions).


"Chaja is a yoga teacher who works with real authenticity, truthful to the spirit of the tradition in which she works. In this way she holds the energy of a teaching session with real clarity and is able to guide her students, taking them deeply into each posture aligned with the breath. My experience of her lessons was to feel a deep connection to my core energy. She has also worked with young students in international schools supporting them to handle anxiety and find balance and ease." -Claire 2021-

"I’ve been practising yoga with Chaja for just over six months, and in this relatively short period of time she has truly transformed my practice. 

Coming from a dynamic yoga background, I found myself increasingly losing sight of the breath, both in my practice and in my daily life.  From the very first session with Chaja, I found my way to the breath again. The postures and movements in her classes perfectly complement the breathing techniques, making the experience of focusing on the breath almost effortless. 


It is on the mat, being led by Chaja’s soothing voice, that I find the balance and neutrality that I crave in the midst of hustle and bustle of everyday life. As a result of these sessions, my ability to take my yoga practice off the mat and into my life has vastly improved. As a busy mum trying to find my way in a new country, I particularly value being able to recreate calm and stillness in anxious moments.


Though Chaja has the kind of healing energy and gentle yet firm presence that make her a natural yoga teacher, I know that a lot of self-work and daily conscious effort goes towards being a grounding source for your students. 


Whether you are looking to make more profound changes to your life, or simply want to dedicate a small part of your day to quieting your mind’s fluctuations through breath, Chaja’s lessons will meet you where you are and help navigate your personal journey." - Natascha 2021-

"Over the course of the past almost two years you have grown into your role as yoga teacher both in technique and presence. Your lessons flow and always feel so natural, meaning that it hardly feels like there is a pre-determined sequence, but that the sequence comes out of the postures themselves. At the beginning this was still being worked out - of course! But now it seems like it is a part of you. So, although I am sure you have the sequence planned, it always feels very organic.

As I said, even at the very beginning of your teaching, your yoga is really mind-body-spirit. At risk of sounding cliche', it is true. The body is stretched, the mind is calmed, the spirit awakened.

It also seems to me that you live the yoga more and more deeply, authentically. You have certainly been challenged in a lot of ways this year with events that have rocked your family, I know. And whenever you are asked about it, you always share the importance that the role of yoga has had in maintaining your ground and inner sense of health and balance. Not easy.

All of that experience in using yoga to manage life's curve balls is slowly being conveyed in your teaching. Though you may not share it overtly, the more you practice it in your personal life, the more we feel it on the mat.

I have to say that when I was thinking of us moving away, I was already thinking of the hour difference and whether it would be possible for me to continue taking yoga with you from afar!!! Anyway, I am so happy to have been a part of your journey this far and look forward to much more yoga-ing with you in the near and far future!! - Lilla 2021 -

"Chaja is a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher. Over the past two years, she has put in a lot of effort to help me understand how I can improve my yoga practice, both in the lesson as well as providing reading material/verbal advice for when I do yoga alone. Chaja listens to your needs and questions and tailors her sessions around what her students are experiencing in that moment." - Catherine 2021 -

"Almost two years ago I started taking yoga classes with Chaja.  In December 2020 I was diagnosed with colon cancer, I began a process of surgery and chemotherapy until just 20 days ago. Throughout this process, Chaja has accompanied me with her yoga classes, in a personal way, focusing each lesson on my needs as a result of the side effects of chemotherapy. Her professional and emotional support has been fundamental in my process, complementing it with her advice on nutrition and detox. Grateful for her support and generosity." - Maria 2021 - 

"Chaja ‘s classes are relaxing, centered, well-paced and holistic. She plans each lesson with a specific intent and develops it throughout the class. One is left with a sense of physical and mental well-being. Over time, the lessons provide an excellent health benefit as the breathing and movement work together to integrate all systems in the body. I have never felt healthier both in strength and in my immune system since taking her classes." - Karen 2021- 

I have started practicing with Chaja about a year and a half ago, and it has been a beautiful, enriching journey for me. I used to do power yoga workouts few years back, but was completely new to Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and meditation. She is an incredibly gifted teacher. She has this ability to tune into you, and understand exactly what you need. Every single time. Since I started to practice with her, I feel much more focused and centered. At the beginning, the benefits lasted for few hours after each session, but now I can start feeling practice is changing me in a more stable way. I am very grateful to have her in my life.

I could go on and write an essay about this! - Giada 2022 -

Doing yoga with Chaja is not just yoga, it’s and experience, she gives a lot of personal attention and focusses on what you need in that moment. Her classes are like a reset for my mind, body and spirit. Also, she is a lovely person. Thank you Chaja 🙏 - Shirley 2022 -

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