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Tattoos and meat

Updated: May 25, 2023

I have this big brother who is full of tattoos, eats a lot of meat, who has a big mouth and a very warm heart. A few weeks ago, he told me that he had a lot of pain in his joints and muscles and apparently, he has had a lot of pain for a long time.

Just like my sister-in-law I suggested that he could probably make some changes to his nutrition…

Foto di Seyi Ariyo su Unsplash

What I find now in general beautiful to see, is how so many people are realising that what they have been eating for such a long time, hasn’t been good for their health and/or the planet.

Food and nutrition are part of every aspect of your life and it should encourage you to be curious about it. Holistically, food is part of you at a physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual level. Indulgence should be part of it - stimulate your taste buds, but do it in connection as a human being with his living environment.

Back to my brother's journey, a man and meat:

Sometimes comments, situations or deeper feelings all come together and this has happened to him as well. He watched a documentary about top athletes who had changed their nutrition to plant-based food and achieved incredible results both health- and performance-wise.

For two weeks now, he has been eating mostly vegetarian, eating vegetables that he would have never even looked at (nothing different from our childhood!), saying no to sausage rolls at work and feeling already better in his body. You rock brother!

Then we touched a bit upon yoga.

He asked me: “Asanas, that’s the breath, right?” Almost boy!

He said: “Yeah well, yoga is not for me, too slow and I can’t relax my muscles.”

I bet soon he will be on the yoga mat too.

It can just be that switch in your head, as he has done with regard to meat, to explore ways to a better holistic health.

It doesn't sound new, but for me yoga, health and nutrition go together. Being an explorer, being curious for life and all that exists and applying yoga tools to actively contribute to people's health and well-being. Hopefully I have played a tiny role in my brother's new step to a better health.

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